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200.0ml | €79,00 / l

CBD Massage Oil for the Skin

Product description:

✓ Muscle relaxation

✓ Effect on mind and skin

✓ Supply with nutrients and moisture

Product details:

  • Hemp oil, sweet almond and jojoba.
  • Without dyes, additives or genetic engineering
  • Vegan
  • Legal with under 0.2% THC

Cannactiva CBD Massage Oil

Wellness with CBD massage oil

The Cannactiva CBD massage oil contains the relaxation formula for optimal well-being. The application range of the CBD massage oils opens up over several areas. Besides the application for the back, neck, shoulders and arms, the oil can also have a good effect on the legs, ankles and feet. No matter which area - the Cannactiva CBD massage oil has a calming effect on the respective areas. The strictly controlled production of the oils, is created in Europe, taking into account several sustainability factors. 

What are the advantages of CBD massage oils?

massage oils guarantee the highest quality from sustainable production. They are created from an exclusive composition based on CBD, peppermint, wintergreen, hemp oil, jojoba and sweet almond. With an invigorating and refreshing effect, it serves as a support after only a few minutes due to its quick absorption. After physical exertion, the wellness oil is ideal for treating tired legs. High-performance athletes also rely on CBD massage oils. The CBD Sport Gel is an optimal supplement to the massage oils - click here for more information about CBD and sports.

What are the ingredients of CBD massage oils?

  • Hemp oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, soybean oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E acetate, cannabidiol, peppermint oil, limonene, linalool, oil from wintergreen leaves, benzyl alcohol
  • 200ml
  • THC content less than 0.2%